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One hobby of mine is juggling.  I first learned as a kid but didn't really begin to pursue it until around 2004.  I'm not that good yet, but can juggle 3 clubs or 5 balls in basic patterns.  Below are links to juggling websites that I find very informative or entertaining.

AnthonyGatto.com - The best "technical" juggler in the world.  Lots of impressive video clips and an informative online forum.

JugglingInsanity.com - Michael Karas' website with lots of creative juggling video clips.

Wildcat Jugglers - There are some very good tutorial videos for the beginning juggler at this site.

International Jugglers' Association - A resource for jugglers.

Dube - Juggling Supplies.

Renegade Juggling - Juggling Supplies.

Serious Juggling - Juggling Supplies.

Juggling Store - Juggling Supplies.

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