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You've been drawn into another dimension, a zone where objects may appear larger than life.  A place where Elvis is king, Space Aliens are our friends, and Jelly Doughnuts are the single source of nutrition.  Of the countless that will visit, none will leave as they were.  Because even though you can leave Big Jim's Huge Home Page,  the Huge Home Page will never leave you.  Always lurking in the back of your mind, a hidden coercion that forms your opinions and impacts your decisions.  Be not afraid, for it is a force of good, not evil.  It is a far reaching entity which manifests itself as a fraternity of sites, operating in harmony as the Huge Homepage Network.  So hang on and enjoy the ride, tell all your friends, and visit often!  ThankYou...ThankYouVeryMuch!


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Here are some more sites brought to you by Big Jim

Go Go to Big Jim's Radio Controlled Aircraft Page to learn more about building and flying Radio Controlled Airplanes, Gliders, and Helicopters.
Go Go to Jim's Guitar Building Page to see the instruments I've built so far.
Go Go to Jim's Guitar Amp Building Page to see the guitar amp I built.
Go Click here if you want to see some cheesy animations drawn by Big Jim!
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Here are some other sites with little pictures next to them for added value.

Go One of the things that's been keeping me busy lately is Juggling.  A great place to find out more about this most honorable of pastimes is the Juggling Information Service.
Go When I was a kid (note: use of the word "was" not approved by friends, family, and co-workers) I learned to ride a Unicycle.  So did my two brothers, a neighbor kid, and another guy I knew at school.  You can learn too with information found at The Unicycle Page
Go Everybody needs a Yo-Yo, so check out the American Yo-Yo Association page.   Tips and tricks and links to manufacturers will have you Yo-in' like a pro in no time!
Go The PEZ Page is one of the sweetest pages on the Internet!   It's an endless parade of information about PEZ Candies and Dispensers!
Go e-mail me if you're interested in becoming part of the Huge Homepage Network, or if you just want to say "Dang man, your page Sucks!"
Go Coming soon!  The complete (less an optic nerve) Sammy Davis Jr Candy Man Kingdom Tap Dance School for the Rhythmically Challenged!

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