Big Jim's Photo Page

Photo 1

This is my Extra 300 by Carl Goldberg models before covering.  It is powered by a Super Tigre .90 with a Davis Diesel conversion head.

Photo 2

This is the Extra 300 after covering with Monokote.   I had planned to do the sides the same as the picture on the main page of this web site but found the long curved stripes difficult to to cut accurately.

Photo 3

This is my Great Planes Super Aeromaster before covering.  It is powered by a Fox Eagle IV .60.

Photo 4

This is the Aeromaster after covering with Monokote.  I have flown this plane several times but find it difficult to enjoy as I'm too worried about crashing it!

Photo 5

This is me holding my Supra-Fly 25.   This was a kit that used to be available from Hobby Shack.   The ad said it was a Pilot brand kit but the box it came in said OK Models.   It is powerered by an OS .32.

Photo 6

This is an in-flight shot of my original helicopter which was a Kyosho Concept 30 DX.

Photo 7

Here's a still shot of the Concept 30 DX. It had an OS .32 F airplane engine with a homemade heatsink attached to the head to keep it cool.

Photo 8

This is my Airtronics Olympic 650 glider.   This was my first radio controlled aircraft and is still flying, although with a different covering job.

Photo 9

This is my Great Planes Trainer 40.  This picture shows what a typical high wing trainer plane would look like.  This particular model has a symmetrical airfoil shape which makes it more of an intermediate trainer.  It is powered by a Super Tigre .45.

Photo 10

This is my Dodgson Designs V-gilante sailplane.   It has a 100" wingspan and weighs 44 oz.  It's like a floater and a high performance glider all in the same plane.

Photo 11

Here's the V-gilante again, along with my son and I.   This gives you an idea of how big a 100" wingspan is.....just over 8 feet.

Photo 12

This is my Shadow by Tekoa Center for Design.   It has a 2 meter (78") wingspan and weighs 53 oz.  A bit heavier than the 100" span V-gilante but still a fun plane to fly.  This was my first full function glider.

Photo 13

This is an Orbiter II by Dodgson Designs.   It has a 60" wingspan and is a hand launch glider.  I don't know the exact weight but it's in the 12 oz. range.  It's nice to have something you can fly in any old field - without having to set up a winch or highstart.

Photo 14

This is my Combat Gremlin flying wing.  It is meant to be cheap to build, with a plastic rain gutter for a fuselage, a foam wing with fiberglass tape for reinforcement, and no landing gear.  Some guys in my club managed to manufacture the kits for $18 materials cost each.  All I had to furnish was the engine, radio, and spinner.  Since I get more e-mail about this plane than any other, I'll tell you that the plans are available from RCM magazine for $6. You can reach them at 1-800-523-1736 and it's plan #1134.

Photo 15

I thought I'd throw in a Control Line airplane for variety.   This is a Sig Twister with a Fox .35 engine.  It is no longer with us.  May it rest in pieces.

Other Photos

The following were submitted by Keith Pohlmeyer.  He took the photos at a fly-in in La Grange, Texas in September of 1997. They show some beautiful examples of Scale Aircraft.  Unfortunately I do not have the names of the people who built them.


You can see from the people standing in the background that this is one big model airplane.  Wingspan is 14 ft.


Here's another well done bomber with a wingspan of 12 ft. I won't be building anything this large until I get a bigger truck.


This is a nice example of an early Russian Jet aircraft.


Here's a Saab 37 Viggen, which is a Swedish military aircraft.